Previous clients include The Canadian Positive Psychology Association, The Ontario Teachers' Federation and the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.



For Healthcare Professionals and Administrators:

Burnout 911!; Humor and Resilience in Healthcare

Described as emotional exhaustion resulting in depersonalization and decreased sense of personal accomplishment, Healthcare Provider Burnout is reaching alarming rates as doctors, nurses and other HCP face increased patient complexity, budget cuts and increasingly poor or distant relationships with administrators and colleagues.

Designed for both healthcare professionals and administrators, this workshop serves to increase participants’ understanding of the implications of HCP burnout, to heighten their awareness of the signs of HCP stress and to provide humor and laughter-based strategies to maintain the mental, emotional and life balance necessary to be an effective and engaged care provider. Participants will leave knowing how humor and laughter can play significant roles in solidifying many of the building blocks of resilience for HCP - building in time to recover and re-charge, cultivating strong and supportive relationships, expressing vulnerability, setting boundaries and developing optimism.

For Teachers: 
With over 30% if teachers leaving the profession within their first 5 years of being on the job, teacher burnout is a growing concern.  We can't possibly consider student well-being without  addressing teacher well-being and humor and positive psychology might just be the key. Using a strengths-based and the PERMA-V framework of Positive Psychology, this 90 minute inter-active workshop takes participants through a series of exercises to increase their awareness of their own indicators of physical, cognitive, social and emotional well-being and to learn how character strengths, positive emotions and positive interactions can boost the collective resilience of school environments.

For Parents of Children Living with Chronic Illness or Disability and their Healthcare Providers:


The experience of parenting a disabled or chronically ill child brings with it a host of physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. While healthcare institutional supports (e.g. case management, counselling and instrumental support) are essential in the accompaniment of parents, the development of individual internal strategies for resilience is vital to the healthy coping of caregivers and the ultimate resilience of families.

Drawing on case studies, pediatric social work research and humor theory, this presentation serves to highlight the application of humor as a powerful and underused tool to boost resilience in caregiver-parents and to elaborate how healthcare providers can effectively promote and use humor to facilitate caregiver coping and collaboration in care.

For Individuals and Groups:


Taking the business of laughter very seriously, this highly entertaining presentation combines cold hard science with a punch of comedic heart. Ideal for corporate retreats and social events, this session includes research data on the physiological, cognitive and social benefits of laughter as well as strategies for using humor to minimize stress, build relationships and cope with adversity. Laughter might not cure what ails you but it sure goes a long way toward getting you through those tough life moments.

Note: This presentation can be coupled with interactive social experiences including laughter yoga sessions or an evening of stand-up comedy with local comics. Please contact us for further details.

Custom Programs Available.

 Maia’s presentations are much more than words supported by Power Points. Maia is a natural born presenter and influencer who easily adapts to large or small groups as well as individuals. Her warmth and heart leads while her professionalism and knowledge shores her up –a wonderful combination leaving the audience both touched and informed.

--Theodora Brinckman, Executive Director-MAB-Mackay Foundation